LifeHack 2022 is a hackathon aimed to channel the creativity, drive, and skills of the participants in the software development field. Participants are expected to develop intelligent solutions in response to the problem statements presented during the competition. The event is mostly held online, with the exception of the closing day.

There will be 3 themes for participants to choose from:

  • Giving Back
  • Environment
  • Safety



What to submit?

  • Participants are free to submit any software hack - be it a web app, mobile app, bot, etc.
  • Hardware hacks are not accepted as it is difficult for judges to be able to test the functionality of the project.
  • Participants can submit a demo/ pitch video of their hack to showcase their creation. (Optional)

Where to submit?

  • Upload your hack onto GitHub and make it a PUBLIC repository so that judges will be able to view your solution.
  • Then submit your GitHub repo links under the "Try it out" section on the submission page.

How to submit?

  • For the Project Title, set it as your team name.
  • For the Elevator Pitch, do mention the name of your project!
  • Refer to slides sent out on the telegram announcement channel.

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$15,200 in prizes

Overall Best

Theme Best (2)

Theme Runner Up (3)

Theme 2nd Runner Up (2)

Honorable Mention (6)

Most Boomer-friendly Hack

Most Unorthodox Hack

Most Impressive Pre-university Hack

Most Outstanding Freshmen Hack

Most Data-friendly Hack

O'Comm Pick

Point Hogger (2)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Dr Akshay Narayan

Dr Akshay Narayan
National University of Singapore

Dr Gary Tan

Dr Gary Tan
National University of Singapore

Toni Nurminen, PhD

Toni Nurminen, PhD
National University of Singapore

Boon Wai Hoong

Boon Wai Hoong

Lim Jun Hao

Lim Jun Hao

Roy Choo

Roy Choo

Dmitrii Stepanov

Dmitrii Stepanov
Software architect | Goodt.me

Yura Abharian

Yura Abharian
Senior Software Engineer | SoftServe

Danylo Tolmachov

Danylo Tolmachov
Head of Software Engineering at Techstack Ltd

Judging Criteria

  • Relevance of ideas (20%)
    How well does the product/solution line up with the challenge?
  • Innovation (20%)
    Uniqueness and creativeness of the product/solution (Demonstrates these qualities: inspiring, novel, persuasive, fresh, motivating, engaging, etc.)
  • Viability (10%)
    Prospective social/commercial value that the solution possesses
  • Usability (15%)
    Usability of the hack. How user-friendly is the interface? How difficult was it to utilize the advertised features?
  • Usage of Data (15%)
    Does the hack utilize data? What methods do they use to collect, store, process, retrieve and analyze data? Is it done in an appropriate manner? Do they use real world data? (eg. data.gov)
  • Technical Implementation (20%)
    How effective is the technical approach and implementation of the hack?

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